Free advertising ideas
After randomly and unsuccessfully trying free advertising activities, many advertisers give up concluding it
just does not work. Free advertising does work but you need working ideas and strategies.
In fact, sometimes free advertising works better than its paid sister. For example, more people click on
classified ads than on google or facebook advertisements or any ppc (pay per click) adverts. Enough reason to give classified advertising a try.

People just trust and browse classified ads on a daily basis. For some reason, they trust those ads. May be they think they are from people(consumers) just like them
Free online ads posting sites are also sociable in nature, so they also have a "facebook feel" on them.

Another compelling reason to have your ads listed in classified advert websites is that they are visited more by buyers and sellers than random visitors. They are real online buy and sell markets with the flexibility of being casual and spontaneous. No strings attached here, no shopping carts or click the check-out order button Now type of thing.

There are even solid businesses built around buying and selling pre-owned and used stuff on online free classifieds sites like Craigslist, backpage, kijiji and other top local free classified ad websites. Of course, you can online buy and sell used stuff sites as a side activity or just to sell your unwanted things. In this article, I will try in simple terms to give you the basic best practices with links to more elaborate articles
on them.

==> Create a list of only best and top notch classifieds websites.

==> Create a table in word or excel to organize your ad posting. Include date of posting, name of site and expiry date.

==> Create variations for your ads in a sheet or a word document and placed them under a folder.

==> Read the terms of service and faq of every site in the list and follow them.

==> Make your ads headlines stand out, include pictures(if possible) and All DETAILS.

Do not waste people's time by having them inquire about obvious info you could've included the first time.

Many wouldn't even bother contacting you.

==> If selling an item include viewing and pick-up time. Get their email or phone to make sure they're coming.

==> Be prepared to reply instantly.

==> Post regularly but not daily. 3 times a week is enough with no more than 2 ads a day.

==> Post in multiple top sites. 10 sites is ideal. No need to expect buyers from each site, but exposure and link
recognition by search engines are another advantages.

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Online ads postings on free classifieds sites is a cost-free and effective way to drive traffic and leads to your website and business. Like any form of online marketing, succes does not come randomly. Classifieds advertising, too, has some best practices to follow.Below are some free advertising techniques and strategies to use:

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Free advertising ideas